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On site, field and remote(web based investigations) with pre-agreed fixed fees and specifications


Insurance claims fraud and validation
Internal threats and workplace fraud
External and business fraud
Investment fraud such as Crypto, Forex and cyber scams

If you suspect you have been a victim of fraud use our contact page and we will come back to you promptly with ways we can help.


Classroom and web based workshops.


Fraud identification workshops for front-line staff
Technical excellence for investigators and fraud teams
Conversation management and interviewing
OSINT, ACFS and ACFT training
Internal threats and corruption
Cyber crime as a service
Identity fraud

We will also provide bespoke training according to your needs.

Technology & Fraud Solution Providers

Keynote presentations and workshops on fraud and cyber crime

Research and analysis of emerging trends and evolving issues

Evaluation of proposed solutions for counter fraud

Support in identifying and communicating with potential customers

Market insights, white papers and articles

Tap into our ongoing research with for fraudsters and cyber criminals to test your thinking and solutions.

​​​​​​​We will corroborate our findings with up to the minute evidence and activity.

Consultancy Projects

Event speaking and workshops on fraud

Innovative and unique 'behind the lines' research into fraud related topics and white papers

Fraud strategy, policy and process writing

Fraud reviews and audit

Business improvement across counter fraud and compliance

Advice and guidance when introducing new technology and practice

Our network has unrivalled access to how criminals think and act. To cut a long story short we know and understand them better than they understand themselves.

What we do for you

If you have concerns about fraud we take those problems and solve them in ways which are cost effective, efficient and objective.

We make you more efficient and let you concentrate on the core of your business

We reduce your spend through the savings we provide

We are easy to do business with because we know our business and get to know yours

If we cannot help you we will find those who can, and recommend them to you

We design and deliver prevention, detection, containment and real time monitoring of all fraud and crime activity.

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Regular updates on matters fraud, investigation, training and general interest.

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