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Phone calls:

Impersonating BT or Microsoft supposedly calling because your internet is running slowly. Hang up.

This is now also coming through as a recorded message threatening to cut your internet off unless you press 1. Don’t press 1. Just hang up.

Impersonating HMRC calling to leave a message that you are being investigated for fraud or are due a refund so please press 1. Don’t press 1. Just hang up.


Not TV Licensing your direct debit has failed please click here. Don’t.

Not HMRC refund as above

Not Tax disc refund as above

Blackmail email. They usually accuse you of watching porn and they are going to send a video of you watching porn to all your contacts unless you send money to a Bitcoin account. Don’t pay.

Not apple or amazon confirming a large purchase made from your account. Don’t get tempted to click anything.

Not Drop box telling you that you have documents to access. Don’t click anything.

If in doubt go directly to the genuine website or call the provider. If you search the provider on google and add the word scam, you will usually find other victims providing warnings.

Feel free to notify us of any other scams so we can share them and help stop people becoming victims. Use our contact page.