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Fraudsters have been compared to vampires sucking the life out of others. Part of the legend about vampires is that they cannot enter your home unless you invite them in. If you are an employer are you inviting fraudsters in?

At times I add to my research by working with reformed fraudsters to tap into their insights on organised fraud, and what is coming next. It is not about putting them in charge of, or providing them with access to the finance department, the data or anything at risk. It is about improving our understanding of what they do.

Like all sources of revenue the reformed fraudster career path does contain some Walter Mitty's and there will be some who backslide, but I am pleased to have worked with Brett Johnson. Others I have not worked so closely with also add too much value to be ignored.

One point I really find inciteful is that fraudsters will peruse job adverts and look for adverts where the role means they will be in control of cash control.

Look at your business's job adverts and maybe have a re-think and seek advice?