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There seem to be swathes of (many supposedly US based) people with low numbers of connections and good job titles connecting with folks on LinkedIn.

They soon tell you how they have got through the Covid 19 crisis through forex, alternative investments or bitcoin and they can help you.

Let's work this out. They are making a fortune but they need your £500.00. Why do they need your money if they've got so much of their own?

A big clue is that the genuine companies are checkable, licensed and do not promise huge returns in a week, but the possibility of a good return over a period of time. They also don't tell you it has to be done today or else.

If you are tempted ask for their licences and certificates and send them to me. I will check them out for free as part of some research I am doing.

If you've been stung let me know.

Let's be careful out there.