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Are you a car owner? If you or any family members have a car you could be impacted by Ghost Broking, which is yet another example of insurance fraud meeting cybercrime.

Here is a simplified version:

• The 'broker' will approach the person (often on social media) and promise to save them money
• They'll build trust and offer to find you cover in exchange for cash upfront
• The ghost broker will then act on behalf of the driver, purchasing a valid insurance policy from a genuine provider. They'll lock in a 'cheap price' by providing false information, such as lying about the driver's penalty points or age.
• Once the driver hands over the cash, the broker will then cancel the policy and pocket any refund.
• In the meantime, they'll forge insurance documents (including certificates) to confirm the policy has gone ahead.
• The criminal will then disappear with the money while the driver thinks he or she is covered.
• A nice looking Facebook page or website is no guarantee of integrity.

Here is a real case with convictions:

• Raza Mir and Muhammed Asif initially started ghost broking to provide false insurance cover for members of a UK Based Albanian drugs gang
• They also provided false no claims discount letters
• They then moved on to unsuspecting members of the public through advertising and approaches on social media
• They used Mir’s launderette as a drop off and collection point
• They banked £370k
• Insurers and IFED investigated
• Mir received 3 years 7 months custody and Asif 16 months

We come back to if it is too good to be true it probably is. Another point is that you are handing your card details to criminals. Last but not least if you have a claim you are unlikely to be covered and if stopped by the police you could have your car impounded as well as get prosecuted.

Let’s be careful out there…