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I took a day off and went fishing. Hardly an ideal opening to engage the interest of the fraud community but keep reading if you want to read why trout are like people!

I am an occasional fisherman. The uber anglers were there discussing the right fly for the conditions, caddis and nymphs, Barbour jackets, all the gear no idea.

I’d been there a couple of hours and no-one was doing very well. I decided to go dry line and black gnat. Not right for the conditions, but it’s the only fly I can make. The rest come out looking like voodoo amulets.

30 minutes later I’ve got 3 trout. About as many as the rest of the anglers combined.

Have I got a fraud message? Yes.

Did the trout think we don’t usually see black gnats in these conditions? No, they thought yum and bit, like the public do when they see a £500 Tesco voucher if they click on a link.

Did anyone ask me what fly I was using? Just one. No Uber anglers as I’ve no Barbour jacket therefore I can’t know anything useful.

A bit like so many being hit with fraud who keep fishing the same pond with the same bait and asking the same people and then wonder why they are getting left behind.