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Cybercrime - do you know enough or do you want to know more?

Colin Tansley Mike Roberts and I will be taking part in the Intelect webinar on 23rd September 10.00 am UK time.

Do you know the difference between the bright web, the dark web and the deep web?

Do you know how to find out if your organisation's data or your own data is for sale on the internet?

- Do you understand how data is bought and sold?
- Do you know the ways it is used for fraud and profit?
- Do you know how the money is laundered?

Know the levels of operational security cyber criminals use, how they recruit and how they train each other.

Know your criminals, how to spot them and their activities and how to protect yourself.

Join our webinar and you can be sure you have the best foundation to cover the above and it will only cost £10 plus booking fees.

To express your interest please use the link below