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htRather than women I've never met I thought I'd concentrate on those I've met or worked with who have impressed the heck out of me, whom I've learnt from, and may not be aware that they spurred me on and educated my thinking.

Some of these folks are not on LinkedIn but so what.

Lady Elspeth Howe Deputy Chair of the Equal Opportunities Commission who despite my youth (18) got me involved in board meetings with huge UK companies making decisions about sex discrimination and Equal Pay.

Claire Callery who was my first Sergeant in the Police who taught me never to take crap from anyone and do the right thing

Cath Williams who joined my business in an available position below her pay grade and quickly rose to the top in the company and in the insurance industry

Nathalie Crystal who went from PA to essential member of the management team because she always turned negatives into positives and always did the right thing

donna emmett an established field adjuster who took a role in a conversation management team and questioned whether desktop could compete with field and went on to be one of the best conversation managers in the industry

Kathryn Lourenço taught me so so much about professional and ethical marketing and transfers enthusiasm to all who meet her

Katie Beardmore for sharing sweets and chats and never mentioning fraud when we happened to have adjacent seats at a football stadium. Absolute professional.

Jenny Radcliffe - The People Hacker 🎤🎧🧠 What can I say other than genius on how people work and think. There is no-one better in this field.

Tash Whitaker Total professional when it comes to data protection and a great human in every way. Has helped me a number of times with work and always appreciated

Ragini Gurumurthy a mentee who has gone on to do work that puts others in the shade and really helps those who are being exploited. A rising star

There are others of course, but thank you each and everyone for making my life better.