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I've just been speaking to someone who has fallen for the 3% a day for a week investment scam. PLEASE if you are considering any such investments even if they have:

- A pretty website
- They encourage you to take a low initial investment and pay out so seem legit for a second go
- You need the money
- Claim to be registered off shore but it seems legit

Contact me or a professional before you send any money. We are far better than you at identifying frauds. We really are.

The latest lot I am seeing are claiming registration in Malta.

Last but not least, please don't go giving $3,500 down payment to some organisation that claims they can get your money back. Yes there are some good ones, but most of these I have seen are sharp sellers looking for quick profits, and some are actually the investment scammers you have fallen for now taking more of your money another way!

If you or anyone you know is considering this type of investment or already in the cycle DM me with details and I will run a quick check for you free of charge.

Let's be careful out there...