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Are you struggling with ghost broking, misrepresentation and stolen cards when the 'synths' are here, on your books and ready to hit you harder than what has been seen before?

A synthetic identity is used for credit, insurance and other frauds. Examples include the fraudster using the details of a deceased person, a young person, someone who has emigrated, or someone who is off the radar because they do not use credit or insure a car, or have not recently done either.

They set things up so they look like a good customer. Good credit rating, no claims, no defaults. The bogus identification and address used are under the control of the fraudster. Their history and even social media are studied and included in the bogus i.d. The rewards are high so they are currently well prepared and time is taken rather than a rush to hit the insurer, bank, or retailer.

Typical losses are around £20,000.00 per transaction.

We can help you to prevent, identify and stop this type of fraud. The methods also impact ghost broking, misrepresentation, CNP and bad credit lines.

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