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The penalty spot is 11 metres from the goal. When a footballer wants to score a goal, he doesn’t aim to hit the ball 12 metres he kicks it hard enough to travel 100 metres.

The same with good fraud planning. Don’t limit yourself to this week’s problem. Aim far enough to make a lasting impact.

Are you worrying about ghost broking when you are now being hit with cloned ‘good risk’ identities being used by fraudsters?

Still concentrating on large scale fraud rings because that's where the savings have always been, while you are losing huge amounts to prolific lone wolf fraudsters?

Are you relying on credit checks to stop fraudsters becoming customers, even though fraudsters are likely to have good credit ratings?

Do you know all about your fraud risks, but constantly wonder why front-line staff and their line managers don’t apply the learning?

Are you choosing IT solutions because your competitors have bought in to them, but are unsure which is going to deliver the best added value for your business needs?

Let’s move forward and impact fraud instead of playing catch up.