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We at PTC have turned some heads in 2018 as we have shared unique and useful insights into how cyber criminals and fraudsters operate. We have been able to improve the capabilities of technology providers, insurers, online retailers and credit providers.

We have now moved to the next stage, and have continued our research to identify and work with some of the best solutions providers. Our program of talks, training, manuals, articles and white papers has started its rollout and bookings are now committing us to the end of Q1 2019.

We are advising the advisers, and choosing to only work with those that provide the best solutions across the life cycle of fraud. The key word for 2019 is collaboration. Those that do not or cannot collaborate will become isolated. Contact us if you want to know more about our research and the collaboration triangle theory we have produced. It really allows you to be sure that you are not locking your front door and leaving your windows wide open to those who want your data, your assets, your money and your IPR.