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Let’s be honest we in the counter fraud and cyber often industry generate as much excitement with friends, family and the public as people who paint tin soldiers. However, a little shared knowledge can go a long way to put that right. That look of appreciation when you stop them being scammed makes it worth keeping on telling them.

Microsoft 365 Scams

This seems to be ramping up and succeeding with many victims. They originally started by targeting known Microsoft 365 subscribers telling them they need to change their password. They have created a credible copy website and it looks like they have spread the net.

In one case the user was locked out of his own account and found out that within 2 minutes his email account had been used to authorise a £10k payment.

They are also spoofing employer’s email addresses to make this look more convincing if the company have a Microsoft account.

Unexpected Documents

Emails, messages for cloud service or Dropbox with important documents for you. If you are not expecting anything and cannot confirm with a known sender then do not get curious. Delete it and forward the email to the NCSC using

Be especially careful with document sent via LinkedIn direct mail too, even if they are from known connections.

Too many LinkedIn accounts have been hacked lately. Unless it is by prior arrangement leave it unopened. If you do open it, you run the risk of your account being compromised and all your contacts getting the same thing.

Let’s be carful out there…