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News & Updates

Phone Live:
- Bank fraud teams being impersonated telling people there have been suspect transactions on their accounts. Lloyds being one name used
- Football clubs being impersonated to tell people they have won season tickets and need their address to send the tickets
- Your internet has been compromised so you need to install software

Phone automated:
- HMRC scams such as arrest warrants being issued press 1
- Internet being closed down press 1

SMS Text:
- Netflix, Amazon and others being impersonated to say a payment has been declined or an order is to be delivered click the link
- Your phone provider being impersonated and asking you to click a link and update bank details

- The fraudsters seem to be having success with email headers starting with the words 'We have a surprise for...' then adding words such as Tesco customers, Vodaphone customers' and then asking you to click a link. The link is predominately shown in bold red.
- Bogus payment notifications or invoices from unknown sources to try and get you to open a pdf

Let's be careful out there and warn others.