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The first time I saw a fraud carried out by a person pretending to be a police officer was back in the 1980s. A smartly dressed middle aged man wearing a blazer over a blue shirt and black tie went around the shops in Sale persuading assistants to open their tills so he could inspect their £20 notes. A new note had been issued and was running alongside the old notes.

He told them the new notes were forged and seized them for evidence. He did give them a receipt though.

This week 3 people have been arrested where they allegedly used the phone and pretended they were the Met Police doing an investigation. They then asked the homeowner to assist them by buying a Rolex watch as evidence. The victims believed the watches were counterfeit and they would be compensated and we helping.

The watches were valued around £8,000 and collected by the fraudsters. There were several elderly victims.

There are sinister possibilities safety wise as well as fraud with physical police impersonation and photos were released by the Met of 2 men impersonating uniformed police officers and knocking on doors in Barking.

I attach a link to the Met's website in the hope these two men and others like them are caught and account for themselves.

Please share with those you know may be vulnerable

Let's be careful out there...and let's stay safe