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Have you got your Counter Fraud Fundamentals right?

Despite my many years in counter fraud and cybercrime I like to keep learning and keep testing myself. Knowledge and experience are great but it also important to apply that knowledge when performing my role as a consultant, investigator and trainer.

A short few years ago, I took my ACFS qualifications, which were great to do and now I coach counter fraud apprentices for CIPFA.

This year I decided to put my business through the IASME Counter Fraud Fundamentals not to collect badges but because staying relevant and fighting fraud are my priorities.

I am pleased to say I have passed the assessment, and yes I picked up some useful tips in the process.

Like Cyber Essentials also from IASME it enabled me to compare what I do with legal requirements best practice and compliance in the wider marketplace.

I am sure any organisation which wants to improve or check what is does to counter fraud will benefit from the structured approach covered in the assessment.