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One of our cases is featured on BBC Fraud Squad on Monday 10th May and I am going to share an important takeaway for those in counter fraud.

I don't feature because I was in Covid 19 isolation at the time of recording.

An Assistant Town Clerk stole just over £200,000.00 which she spent on holidays and horses.

After the interview the defendant thanked me for being so easy to open up to and admit things. I pride myself on my interview style. The interview must be about gathering evidence and encouraging the other person to engage and co-operate.

It is not part of a punishment process or a chance to get shouty!

I now mention her 'testimonial' when I deliver interview training as one of the best compliments I have had.

The Town Clerk, The Chair and the Police were all brilliant in how they dealt with this case. I was just a small cog in the machine.

Let's be professional out there...