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Start typing your update here...Prevention is best, and to be honest I am fed up of some vendors I keep seeing claim they can make you ransomware proof. If they say that then they are deluded or overselling.

A suite of steps and measures are necessary.

Some key points:

Encryption is good but encryption alone will not stop your system being attacked or get your data back. It does make things harder for the criminals.

Backups are good but will not get your data back unless they are offline and tested.

Some common encryption keys are available free of charge via NCSC

Having your system up to date and properly maintained makes life harder for cyber criminals, better for you, and should be the norm for a business holding data.

A specific Business Continuity Plan for ransomware as well as testing is essential.

Open a small crypto account now just in case. It will be useful for understanding crypto and may save time if you end up in negotiation.

Have an external negotiator at the ready if you can. They help with objectivity.

Don't announce you have £1.5m of ransomware insurance because you have now sent an open invite and set the ransom at a minimum of £1.5m

Enough of me, listen to the NCSC.