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Refund fraud is easy.

Want to buy expensive Christmas presents but not got the money? How about you getting a quick refund on what you spent and yet also keep the presents?

You get your money back. You keep the presents. No-one comes after you. It is easy. Not talking £4 or £40, talking £2-£3k.

We merely take a commission in the region of 20% from your refund.

No refund then no payment to be made.

Speak to us first to identify the easiest targets and which companies can be exploited.

No this isn't a real advert from me. It is what fraudsters are offering as crime as a service to the public via the dark web and social media.

If you want to speak to us about which retailers are being targeted (most of the big ones) and see some evidence of how this fraud happens including a fraudsters manual for retail fraud then contact us.

Conditions: You must be in the fraud team of an online retailer.

Objective: Speak to us about how you can identify and mitigate this risk.