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A prolific gang are operating in the UK impersonating mobile phone providers initially and then your bank.

They identity your mobile phone provider first so that you believe the message you get is real. They then send you a message saying your payment has failed so click the link. This spoofs your provider's details.

When you click the link you are asked to update your bank details.

They then take money from your bank account but...get ready for this...they then call you spoofing your bank's phone number and tell you that they are your bank's fraud team.

You can imagine the FUD (Fear, uncertainty and doubt) impact on the victim at this stage. They then use social engineering to fool you into providing more information.

Callers I am aware of have been males with English accents.

At least one of the banks has been on the ball with this but I've not seen any warning online as yet.

I have helped two victims to quickly get all payments stopped and their security back in place and be better protected going forward.

These people are not throwing out random spam they are researching and targeting their victims. Let's be careful out there.

Please share with friends and family, and stay safe