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We were on a surveillance operation which all wrapped up well and was heading back to the office in Manchester. The job next day was to conduct an interview with a policyholder who had an escape of water claim for his Victorian home in a Manchester suburb.

Insurers had concerns about previous similar claims on similar properties from the same policyholder.

I wasn’t familiar with the area and decided to check out the location to avoid any delays the next day. We found the house. The front door was open and a man who we later confirmed was the policyholder was stood in the doorway. He had a hose-pipe in his hands and was spraying water into the hall and stairway.

We watched for a while and switched on our recording equipment. I like to keep things simple. So, I went to his gate and said ‘Hello, can I have a word?’. He turned and glanced at me but continued to ‘water’ his hallway. He said ‘No mate, I am busy and I’ve got some bastard from the insurance company coming tomorrow’

Honesty is always the best policy, so I said ‘Actually, I am the bastard from the Insurance Company’

Ever seen a scalded cat? Ouch!...