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I made it through the snow and arrived at a nice house to interview a policy holder whose car had been reported as stolen. His wife had been the last user, but at the last minute she wasn’t available due to a family issue.

I was made welcome and provided with a hot mug of coffee. We were sat at the dining room table which I prefer when interviewing, and all was well as we went through the paperwork, keys etc. Then I met Lily (name changed). A precocious and delightful 6 years old, who was full of energy. Dad didn’t cope so well with her, and she refused to go and watch TV in another room.

I spotted that she liked Peppa Pig from various toys and books that were around the house. To help, and because I like kids, I gave her one of my notepads and asked her if she could draw Peppa Pig for me. Dad and I got on with the interview. That kept her quiet for 5 minutes or less. I then asked her to draw Daddy’s car to keep her occupied again.

She proudly showed me a picture of the car with 2 stick people standing next to it. I asked is that Mummy and Daddy?’. ‘No’ she said ‘that’s Daddy and the man who bought it off him…’

Daddy immediately decided to withdraw his £25,000 claim.