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For the first time at the end of last year Peter Taylor began mentoring as a service for those who wanted to get into, or get more desirable roles in cyber security and fraud.

All of our mentees now have secured the positions they wanted and none of them are entry positions. Instead their experience, abilities and attitude have seen them succeed in being offered positions they wanted.

They did it. Not us. We helped by sharing our experience and learning of when we got into counter fraud and latterly into cyber security. That also included the knowledge needed to add value to hiring companies.

These determined people also had help from others including Colin Tansley and Dr Richard Diston

We are really proud of them. Okay even a bit emotional. Knowing they will be shaping the future in our industry.

One piece of advice I want to give though is please focus your ambitions and investment in time on those who have done what you want to do.

Let's be careful out there and share knowledge and ambition not vague hopes and pipe dreams. Even though I had people offering me money to help after assessment I was honest and told them they weren't ready or needed someone with different experience.

It is a journey of learning, integrity, ethics and adapting.

Happy to help and I am so glad I did.