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Some things you need to know if you are an online retailer, gaming business or credit provider or any organisation dealing with cyber fraud today.

1. Professional fraudsters have no hesitation in phoning up to query if a purchase, transfer of funds or application fails, and will also do this to deliberately bypass online checks

2. Fraudsters prepare and quickly provide forged scans of ID to match the identity they are using

3. They use a criminal specialist 'caller service' to call banks, credit providers and retailers on their behalf. These specialists are knowledgeable, confident and plausible

4. The fraudsters research and identify which tools fraud teams use and avoid those that present hurdles they cannot easily overcome. They will also share details of easy targets with weak fraud prevention tools

5. The fraudsters often set up front e-commerce businesses to launder cash. These are set up from scratch and use e-commerce websites to process non-existent purchases

If you want to know more about how to differentiate between fraudsters and genuine customers then we can help you to make informed decisions every time.

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