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The two most frequent questions I get asked is the question above, and how can I be a fraud guy like you?

Well here is some of what I do:

1. Fraud and financial crime policy, tactics, process and investigation
2. Customer and external fraud risk assessments for those who use the customer channels
3. Internal fraud and theft, external fraud and theft, including those who use business channels such as false invoices as well as bribery & corruption

The output for each area is:

1. An assessment document to record the risk, impact of any breaches, assess current capability, current mitigation, planned mitigation and timescales
2. A review and updating of existing policy documents for each area or to create a new policy document if one is not already in place
3. A process map for dealing with any issues or escalation

I also provide telephone support and advice for a period of 12 months after completion of any project should issues arise.