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The review started with known frauds and then worked backwards to understand how things could be improved.

We confirmed the fraud systems were working, but the client also wanted their systems to make life easier for their customers. A refreshing approach.

Issue one -their automated systems were protecting them from fraud but were rejecting genuine customers. We identified those customers, contacted them and took the learning to reduce rejections. How much do businesses spend to find customers? Why then waste money rejecting them?

Issue two - One rule was wrong. It wasn’t their rule but a generic rule from a global payments provider. Because of our intervention the rule wasn’t just changed for our client, but for every client globally.

Issue three - too much time was being spent on false positives. We were able to streamline the process, increase the confidence of the reviewers and reduce the time taken by 25%.

They now miss less fraud, take less time to do it, and accept more customers.

If part of your business is insurance applications, insurance claims, online retailing, credit applications we can help you. Smarter thinking for better results.