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This week's true fraud story for the weekend.

The guys wearing capes aren’t always the good guys. This weekend’s story points the finger at unethical investigation.

The instruction was to review a surveillance operation which had produced evidence that the claimant was able to carry out tasks he was supposedly unable to do. The investigators had filmed him moving heavy bags of sand which blocked the gates to the driveway of his home. Proof surely that his injuries were exaggerated?

No. The insurer was concerned that unethical means had been used to earn a fee. They asked us for a peer review.

The investigator had been challenged by their client as to whether they had put the sandbags across the gates. They of course denied it. We didn’t really need too much expertise, just experience and attention to detail to solve the riddle.

The investigator who denied any knowledge of the sandbags had included two sandbags as disbursements on their invoice. Stupid is as stupid does. Was the claim genuine? I don’t know. What I do know is that it was paid in full and that cheating to try and catch a cheat can be very expensive.

Use the best please!