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Here is a real extract from a conversation on whistle-blowing in a business with more gold standard policies, training and tick boxes than you could shake a stick at:

PT ‘How would you deal with someone who told you they had a serious concern about a fraud or wrongdoing being committed by a member of your organisation?’

Manager ‘I would not believe them’

PT 'what would you say to them?’

Manager ‘I’d tell them, before you say anything, you do realise the seriousness of the allegations you are making?’

PT 'what happens then?’

Manager ‘That is usually an end to it’

If you want to know what happened next, and how meaningful and properly communicated compliance with the law is actually easier, cheaper and far more effective than lip service give me a call.

It isn't just about fraud but also the other activities that destroy businesses such as harassment, bullying, corruption.rt typing your update here...