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Cybercrime - do you know enough or do you want to know more?

Colin Tansley Mike Roberts and I will be taking part in the Intelect webinar on 23rd September 10.00 am UK time.

Do you know the difference between the bright web, the dark web and the deep web?

Do you know how to find out if your organisation's data or your own data is for sale on the internet?

- Do you understand how data is bought and sold?
- Do you know the ways it is used for fraud and profit?
- Do you know how the money is laundered?

Know the levels of operational security cyber criminals use, how they recruit and how they train each other.

Know your criminals, how to spot them and their activities and how to protect yourself.

Join our webinar and you can be sure you have the best foundation to cover the above and it will only cost £10 plus booking fees.

To express your interest please use the link below

Intelect had great feedback and follow ups from the first of 5 webinars lifting the lid on fraud, cyber security and business from those who invested 90 minutes of their time and ten of their Great British and Manx Pounds

Cyber and Fraud have been a growth area and thrived during the pandemic but if you are a business leader or owner real success depends on other factors too.

The next Intelect webinar features experts and advice on business adjustments and thinking in the Covid 19 world across planning, people, projects (IT) and promotion.

Book your place for Wednesday 20th August at 10.00 am. I have.

The first webinar on due diligence internet investigations and cyber crime is available as a recording for a small fee. Contact me for details.
The scammers are at it again - A quick warning in case you've missed it.

The Netflix emails offering the chance to win a year's free subscription are not from Netflix.

Just to throw in a few others:

1. Your PayPal account has not been blocked

2. HMRC have not issued a warrant for your arrest

3. Microsoft and BT are not phoning you because they have not spotted a virus on your laptop

4. You have not been caught pleasuring yourself via your webcam.

Now there may actually be one or two people where 1-4 above may apply to but it really isn't you!

Let's be careful and stay safe online and when out and about!typing your update here...

There seem to be swathes of (many supposedly US based) people with low numbers of connections and good job titles connecting with folks on LinkedIn.

They soon tell you how they have got through the Covid 19 crisis through forex, alternative investments or bitcoin and they can help you.

Let's work this out. They are making a fortune but they need your £500.00. Why do they need your money if they've got so much of their own?

A big clue is that the genuine companies are checkable, licensed and do not promise huge returns in a week, but the possibility of a good return over a period of time. They also don't tell you it has to be done today or else.

If you are tempted ask for their licences and certificates and send them to me. I will check them out for free as part of some research I am doing.

If you've been stung let me know.

Let's be careful out there.
Whilst Covid 19 is being used as the 'attractor' or 'scare factor' in many scams they are still based on the usual scams and those scams also continue. It is worth reading (okay essential) this easy to use guide from the Met Police. If you've read it before then why not read it again? There are also Covid 19 specific scams around 'cures' 'medication' 'Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and investment opportunities, as well as bogus grants and payments from HMRC and others.

Have a read and I am sure you will do at least one more thing to be safer from fraud. If anyone would like a bespoke remote assessment of your main fraud risks then contact me directly via LinkedIn or my website. Let's be careful out there and look after others too.

An interesting article from the About-Fraud website where a fraud expert seems to take reasonable precautions to verify and check information he received by text and email, but still ended up out of pocket. He provides a clear and detailed explanation of what happened and his logic.

If you are in counter fraud please have a read and I'd love to hear what would you have done differently:
1. In real time?
2. With the benefit of hindsight?

Thanks for the article PJ Rohall and About Fraud

In 2017 I commenced a detailed intelligence based research project into cyber crime. It is still being added to. This included speaking to 10 former fraudsters and the intel they have as to what has happened, is happening and will be happening in the next 3 years.

One clear and dominant battleground is identity. So much effort has gone into ways to be more certain about identity and so much work has been done to analyse what happened and the information from victims. The trouble however is that too little time was spent on how the fraudsters planned to beat all this.

Within the next two years (or two minutes) you will see my prediction that the battle will be not about proving who you are but being able to compete with the fraudster who is better at proving he/she is you! If you are involved in counter fraud and want to know more book our cyber-crime upgrade courses coming soon in London and Manchester then contact me.

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