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Let’s be honest we in the counter fraud and cyber often industry generate as much excitement with friends, family and the public as people who paint tin soldiers. However, a little shared knowledge can go a long way to put that right. That look of appreciation when you stop them being scammed makes it worth keeping on telling them.

Microsoft 365 Scams

This seems to be ramping up and succeeding with many victims. They originally started by targeting known Microsoft 365 subscribers telling them they need to change their password. They have created a credible copy website and it looks like they have spread the net.

In one case the user was locked out of his own account and found out that within 2 minutes his email account had been used to authorise a £10k payment.

They are also spoofing employer’s email addresses to make this look more convincing if the company have a Microsoft account.

Unexpected Documents

Emails, messages for cloud service or Dropbox with important documents for you. If you are not expecting anything and cannot confirm with a known sender then do not get curious. Delete it and forward the email to the NCSC using

Be especially careful with document sent via LinkedIn direct mail too, even if they are from known connections.

Too many LinkedIn accounts have been hacked lately. Unless it is by prior arrangement leave it unopened. If you do open it, you run the risk of your account being compromised and all your contacts getting the same thing.

Let’s be carful out there…
Our founder Peter Taylor is speaking on Wednesday 16th June 2021 at the The University of Portsmouth Virtual Counter Fraud and Forensic Accounting Conference.

The conference is hosted by Professor Mark Button with some great speakers and topics.

We will be sharing information from our investigations into the structures, distribution, and methods used in Cybercrime.

A link to the agenda is attached. Attendance is free and a link for registration is included below

A must attend event for the counter fraud community.
One of our cases is featured on BBC Fraud Squad on Monday 10th May and I am going to share an important takeaway for those in counter fraud.

I don't feature because I was in Covid 19 isolation at the time of recording.

An Assistant Town Clerk stole just over £200,000.00 which she spent on holidays and horses.

After the interview the defendant thanked me for being so easy to open up to and admit things. I pride myself on my interview style. The interview must be about gathering evidence and encouraging the other person to engage and co-operate.

It is not part of a punishment process or a chance to get shouty!

I now mention her 'testimonial' when I deliver interview training as one of the best compliments I have had.

The Town Clerk, The Chair and the Police were all brilliant in how they dealt with this case. I was just a small cog in the machine.

Let's be professional out there...
Do you have Ransomware cover under your insurance policy?

Check if you do and if you are complying with the terms and conditions?

Are you part of a trade association or affinity group whose members may be attacked by ransomware criminals?

There is now the Ransomware Task Force and some great advice out there. See the attached article.

However, if you want to learn about real-time and effective threat monitoring then give us a call or use our contact pages.

Insurers and Ransomware Task Force if you would like some up to date intel on this threat so you can take out the criminals before they strike and stop the growth in then get in touch.

Let's be careful out there but for this we need to seize the initiative. Detection is needed for prevention to work.
According to McAfee, 'cybercrime' was estimated to be worth $600m in 2018, and is now a trillion dollar industry. In this LONDON FRAUD FORUM Webinar I will share my learnings from my research, and views on why the criminals are still outpacing the ‘good guys’.

I will also outline the key changes needed to help with the fight back.

This webinar is for anyone involved in counter fraud, financial crime, and cyber-crime, especially decision makers and budget holders.

Attendance is free for all LFF Annual Members. Non LFF Members can sign up for Annual Membership to access this, and future webinars for £50+vat, or buy a ticket for this webinar (only) for £25**

Register here:
'The Behaviours of Organised Cyber Criminals – Structures, Markets and Exploitation. An Investigation into the structures, distribution, and methods used in Cyber-crime - Peter Taylor.'

Having submitted papers Peter Taylor has been invited to speak at the 10th University of Portsmouth Counter Fraud and Forensic Accounting Conference covering his research and findings into organised cybercrime and fraud.

There are great topics being covered and highly respected speakers.

Wednesday 16th June, 2021, Virtual Online via The University of Portsmouth.

More details to follow
I was asked by CILA to provide an article for their magazine Claims Focus on how cybercrime is impacting insurance claims.

Here are my view on what is happening and what it means for insurers and loss adjusters and pages 5 and 6.

If you want to know more an specifically about solutions and opportunities please get in touch